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When new information, initiatives or insights are available these will be introduced through the Insight Exchange updates listed below. 

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2021 Insight Exchange Updates

Update 39 - Janine's lived experience insights and share your feedback Guide to Selecting a Counsellor - Read the new narrative from Janine in the Voices of Insight Collection. Share your feedback about the next incoming edition of the Guide to Selecting a Counsellor. 

Update 38 - Special edition - Futures Framework - The new Futures Framework is designed to support organisations and institutions in developing a strategic and holistic response to domestic, family and sexualised violence. Explore the related Leadership Roadmap, Support Menu, Foundations, Reflections Kit and more.

Update 37 - Updated resources and Can't Buy My Silence - Follow My Lead and My Safety Kit have been updated with improved design features, updated directory information and signposting to related resources. Explore the new information and resources from the global campaign 'Can't Buy My Silence' to stop the mis-use of non-disclosure agreements.

Update 36 - Shape what gets communicated and how & new posters and cards - If you, or someone you care about is experiencing, or has experienced, domestic, family or sexualised violence we invite you to complete the anonymous survey to inform website communication. Explore the new Insight Exchange posters and cards to take information and reflection resources forward.

Update 35 - Launch of Guide: Support My Economic Safety - Insight Exchange and Centre for Women’s Economic Safety have released a new resource for organisations thinking about how to address economic abuse. See our launch video, featuring the Hon. Mark Speakman MP, NSW Attorney General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence; Suzanne Evans, CFO First Sentier Investors (and board member DVSM); Dom Thurbon, Partner EY Community Impact Practice and Human Rights advocate, Rabia Siddique. 

Update 34 - Engagement Feedback Shared and Reflections - Read the latest engagement report. Read the feedback shared from people who have engaged with Insight Exchange to donors and participants with lived experience. Read the collection of reflections from Insight Exchange Associates FY20/21.

Update 33- My Dignity (2nd edition) and Event with Julie Macfarlane - Read the second edition of My Dignity- My body is mine and view the virtual event hosted by University of Sydney Law School and Insight Exchange featuring author of ‘Going Public’ Distinguished Professor Julie Macfarlane. 

Update 32 - What is DFV and new Guide - Support My Economic Safety - Read the refreshed summary and related (new) short animation on 'What is domestic and family violence?'. Open the advanced copy of the new Guide: Support My Economic Safety developed by Centre for Women's Economic Safety and Insight Exchange.

Update 31 - Guides during and beyond COVID-19 - Re-read or share onward our short guides for responders. The guides are designed to support the responses of individuals and sectors to people experiencing domestic and family violence during and beyond COVID-19.

Update 30 - Sam's Insights and Children's Voices - Read lived experience insights from Sam and explore more about children's voices.

Update 29 - Arts Lab Collection - View the new artworks in the Arts Lab Collection by Louise Whelan, inspired by Insight Exchange Voices of Insight narratives. And read new lived experience insights.

Update 28 - I am I can - ‘I am. I can' was created to invite reflection about the use of violence and abuse being a ‘choice’. We can each choose non-violence in all relationships. Explore the animation.

Update 27 - New Follow My Lead Aotearoa NZ - Australia and Aotearoa (NZ) - Read the new resource Follow My Lead Aotearoa developed with the Response-Based Practice Aotearoa Team. Explore the background context about development of the resource. 

Update 26 - Practice Scenarios in print and video format - Australia and Sweden - Read the 5 practice scenarios (Australia) from Practice Exchange teams. View the 3 practice scenarios (Sweden) from Collaboration Against Violence.

Update 25 - New lived experiences insights of financial abuse and collection - Read lived experience insights from Deepa, Amrita and Tamara focused on financial abuse. Read and share the collection of lived experience insights of financial abuse. 

Update 24 - Strategic Framework | Lived experience Insight | DFVABI - Read the Insight Exchange 2021-2022 Strategic Framework. Read lived experience insights. Explore DVSM's new responder guides on the intersection of domestic and family violence and acquired brain injury. 

Update 23 - New lived experience insight | New Guide - Read lived experience insights focused on financial abuse. Read the new Guide for understanding and responding to coercive control, abuse and violence. 

Update 22 - New lived experience insight | Insight Exchange Ideas Applied - Read Zoe's lived experience insights. Read the latest edition of the Insight Exchange Ideas Applied featuring Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Service.

2020 Insight Exchange Updates | Archive 10-21

Update 21 - New Animations introducing My Safety Kit View the three new animations - an introduction to My Safety Kit for responders, an introduction My Safety Kit for people reflecting on their relationships, and an introduction to the My Safety Kit decision making tool.

Update 20 - Arts Lab Collection launched  View the new Arts Lab Collection by Louise Whelan, inspired by Insight Exchange Voices of Insight narratives. And read new lived experience insights.

Update 19 - New Employee Assistance Program Resource Are you an EAP leader or practitioner? Are you a workplace with an EAP? View this resource to inform and support EAP responses.

Update 18 - New animation | Insight Exchange social media | Workplace presentation  Watch the new animation based on Follow My Lead and connect with us on social media. Plus, view the workplace responses presentation.

Update 17 - New resource | New Lived Experience Insight | Arts Lab  Read about our new resource, the Reflections Kit available for 16 days of activism and beyond; and learn more about the Arts Lab.

Update 16 - New Lived Experience Insight | Updated Follow My Lead  Read about the update to Follow My Lead coming soon. Reflect on new insight and learn about participation opportunities.

Update 15 – News about the Insight Exchange Foundation | New Lived Experience Insights | A new opportunity for participants  Read about the establishment of the Insight Exchange Foundation as well as new insights into financial abuse. And find out about a new opportunity to participate.

Update 14 - New Resources | Engagement Report | Examples of the Ideas Applied Read the new resource My Dignity – My body is mine, and the new guide for responding to tertiary students. Explore the Engagement Report since inception and examples of the Insight Exchange Ideas Applied.

Update 13 - New Insight and A New COVID-19 Guide and Our Listening Compass Reflect on the new insights, and read the new guide for responding to customers. Explore our Listening Compass and take the tool forward.

Update 12 - Guides during and beyond COVID-19 Read the new guides to support the responses of individuals and sectors to people experiencing DFV during and beyond COVID-19.

Update 11 - COVID 19 DVSM Response   DVSM has taken steps to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19 infection. Our interim changes are subject to review and are outlined in this update (refreshed July 2020). 

Update 10 - Workplace Insights Paper and new lived experience narrative  Explore our new Workplace Kit for understanding and responding to DFV.

2019 Insight Exchange Updates | Archive 01-09

Update 09 – Foundations Guide and Practice Exchange Portfolio  Four new resources to close out 2019.

Update 08 - Introducing My Safety Kit and lived experience narratives  We are also keen to engage with people about the value (if any) of engaging with Insight Exchange.

Update 07 - New lived experience narrative and resources Your feedback is invited on a new prototype of a resource for people experiencing violence.

Update 06 - Masterclass videos and participant feedback An Exchange Initiative: Videos and feedback are now available from the series of events we held in March 2019 with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade.

Update 05 - Lived experience narratives  An Insight Initiative: We invite you to read two new narratives from voices of lived experience to help inform and strengthen your responses to Domestic and Family Violence.

Update 04 – Practice Exchange - Participating Organisations

Update 03 – Invitation to participate in a 90 minute conversation with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade

Update 02 – Invitation to participate in Creating Conversations Masterclass on Re-purposing the Cycle of Violence

Update 01 – Invitation to participate by sharing your lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV)  An Insight Initiative: Understanding the role of finances within experiences of Domestic and Family Violence. Read the update to find out more and to follow the link to the one page project outline and the participant information pack.

Read the Strategic Framework (2021-2022)

Read the Insight Exchange Engagement Report to find out more about engagement in Insight Exchange since its inception.

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