Animations and Videos

Animations and videos

Insight Exchange resources are donated (free) for anyone to ensure cost is no barrier to access.

We invite you to view, share and embed the animations (below) and to view and share the videos. We ask that you follow and adhere to the guidance on Using Insight Exchange.

Animations (English and Español) - view, share, & embed

The following Insight Exchange animations (below) have been developed to build on understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence. The animations are embedded on this page and hosted on Insight Exchange Vimeo channel.

"With each animation the Insight Exchange team curates, I am often left amazed and curious about the severity of the subject matter. It is often difficult to truly place yourself in someone else’s shoes, to separate the sympathy from the empathy, and with each voice over recording, I feel the reality that the average person you walk by on the street may be dealing with violence or abuse. So for me, these videos serve as a reminder that every action we make is a choice, a conscious one at that.” (Audio Engineer - 2022)

Videos (English) - view & share

Open the videos landing page to browse the list of short and long form videos about understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

Short and long-form Insight Exchange videos from events we have hosted to support understanding of and responses to domestic and family violence are listed with links below. These videos on this page feature either Dr Linda Coates and/or Dr Allan Wade from the Centre for Response-Based Practice, Canada, 

Animations (English)

View the Who Benefits? Who Decides? animation (4mins)

View the Seeing Possibilities animation (6mins)

View the Quality Response Continuum animation (3:30mins)

View the What is domestic and family violence? animation (4mins) 

View the Follow My Lead animation | An awareness raising resource for responders (4mins)

View the I am I can animation (4mins) about the use of violence and abuse being a choice.

View the My Safety Kit animation | An introduction for responders (2.5mins)

View the My Safety Kit animation | An introduction for people reflecting on their relationships (2.4mins)

View the My Safety Kit animation | An introduction to the decision-making tool (3.5 mins)

View the short 3min animation: Violence is social and interactional

View the animation | The dangers of strangulation (5mins)

View the animation | Stopping the misuse of NDAs (5.38mins) (Animation co-developed with CBMS and funded by Insight Exchange)

View the short 4min animation: Dad - Your choice hurts me

Animations (Español)

Ve aquí la animación La naturaleza social e interaccional de la violencia (3mins) (Español)

Ve aquí la animación Construyendo Posibilidades (8mins) (Español)

Ve aquí la animación Sígueme a Mí (4mins) (Español)

Una introducción a Mi Kit de Seguridad para personas reflexionando sobre sus relaciones (2:45mins)

Una introducción a la herramienta para tomar decisiones de Mi Kit de Seguridad (3.52mins)

Ve aquí la animación Yo soy. Yo puedo. (5.30mins) (Español) Este material es una invitación para reflexionar sobre cómo el uso de la violencia y el abuso  es una decisión.

Ver/compartir/incrustar la animación (4mins) Papá - Tu elección me perjudica.

The Insight Exchange team worked with Guy Downes (and team) to develop these animations.

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