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Every industry has a role to play in responding to domestic, family and sexualised violence. Every response matters, and therefore the understanding of every industry matters.

Every industry can make a meaningful difference through their workplace responses and customer/client responses supporting thousands of employees and community members who may need access to information and to support. Informed by lived-experience insights, each industry can strategically refine and evolve how they contribute to a more cohesive ecosystem response. Explore more in our Futures Framework.

Futures Framework Illustrations

Using the links listed below you can find materials designed to support the responses of industries.

What we understand about domestic, family and sexualised violence informs how we respond; it influences how we design products, services and systems. It influences how we communicate about those products, services and systems.

Seeing possibilities: Imagine the difference it would make for victims-survivors if all workplaces, businesses, family, friends and specialist and statutory services were informed and ready to respond? View/share/embed the Insight Exchange animation ‘Seeing Possibilities’ (6mins)

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