Posters and Cards

Posters and Cards

Are you wanting to print Insight Exchange booklets, and/or posters and business cards that signpost to Insight Exchange resources?

Note: Insight Exchange donates print ready master files for use with a commercial-grade printer however Insight Exchange does not supply or fund print work.

Posters: Design shown below

Single sided A4

Business Cards:

Double sided (9 x 5.5cm)


Dimensions vary per booklet

Please use the above options in adherence to the guidance about Using Insight Exchange.

  • Get in touch via the Contact Us page if you would like the print ready files to use with your print supplier.
  • If you don't have have a preferred print supplier: For your ease, you can make an order via Corporate Ink who has a dedicated Insight Exchange artwork order page: (Code: ORDER). Print orders through Corporate Ink for the Insight Exchange stock have been pre-approved by Insight Exchange. All artwork and intellectual content remains the property of Insight Exchange. Any orders and payments for print work are made to Corporate Ink.

Designs: The posters and business cards mirror the design work of the related resource. 

  • Download the A4 single sided PDF below to use as a digital poster.
  • All posters include a static QR code to the resource, animation or landing page - varies per resource.
  • The static QR Code on each design will print to required 2cm by 2cm (approx.) in this format.

About Insight Exchange use of QR Codes

Insight Exchange uses static QR Codes to support quick access to our website and resources.

  • We always describe what the QR code opens.
  • We use only static QR Codes to eliminate the collection of identifying user data.
  • Every page on the Insight Exchange website has a quick-exit button.
  • We do not use QR Codes to other websites.

Distribution Sponsor

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Flyers - These flyers (DL size) have been developed to introduce the purpose and value of the resources featured.

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