There are several ways you can participate in Insight Exchange at your lead. Some examples about participating are listed below.

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Share insights 

Be a participant - Explore more about the 'Be a Participant' opportunity to share lived expertise.

The Creative Book Exchange - an invitation to participate in creating and/or contributing to a tangible (or non-digital) collection of handmade artist books. The books include entries and creative expressions of de-identified experiences of family, domestic and sexualised violence.

We also invite you to participate in the following ways outlined below.

  • Share responses to insights and resources
  • Share Insight Exchange in your community, services and systems
  • Make a booking or make contact
  • Sustain Insight Exchange

Share your responses

Share Responses and Feedback - We invite you to share responses and feedback about your experience of and engagement in Insight Exchange.

Share Insight Exchange

Share Insight Exchange - We invite you to share the insights and materials published on Insight Exchange. Explore ideas about how to share Insight Exchange.

Print to share

Print work, posters and cards - designed to share access to Insight Exchange resources and freely available for any organisation or institution to use in the workplace, with clients/customers and in community.

Make a booking or contact

Bookings - Read the list of open events and opportunities. 

Contact Us - Make contact with the Insight Exchange Team to ask a question, to provide responses to the materials or feedback, to sign up for Insight Exchange Updates.

Sustain Insight Exchange

Find out more about how to Donate to make a difference - Insight Exchange has been established, developed and is governed by Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM) a registered charity (ABN 26 165 400 635). Explore the collection of messages to donors.

  • In the 'listening' menu you can explore the lived experience insights.
  • In the 'exploring' menu you can view and read animations and resources informed by lived experience insights. 
  • In the 'responding' menu you can view and read about resources and initiatives designed to uplift responses across the ecosystem.
  • In the 'learning' menu you can view and read resources designed to build on understanding of violence and abuse. 
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