Be a Participant of Insight Exchange

The Insight Exchange interview process has been designed with the support of people with lived experience of violence and professionals to ensure it is safe, ethical and has a person’s consent.

We are inviting people who have experienced Domestic and Family Violence to share their de-identified experiences through Insight Exchange.  

If you are interested in participating please complete the Expression of Interest form.

Please note, that an Expression of Interest can only be submitted by the person wishing to participate and cannot be submitted on behalf of another person. If you would like more information about what to expect when you participate in Insight Exchange, please read our Participant Information Pack.

A focus on financial abuse

When you fill in the Expression of Interest form, you will be asked if you are willing to share details of your experiences of financial abuse. This will help us understand how financially abusive behaviours intersect with other forms of abuse.

Our best hopes and our acknowledgement

Our hopes from Insight Exchange are explained on the homepage of Insight Exchange website and in the Participant Information Pack.

We acknowledge that whilst our best hopes are that participation in Insight Exchange is positive, we cannot assume to know or measure all that participation may mean to someone at the time or over time. We also acknowledge that despite our best efforts to assemble with a participant a more accurate representation of some of their experiences, we can never fully understand all that their experiences of violence mean to them now or through their life.  We understand that no one’s life experience can ever be fully represented in language or any other form.

At all times the Insight Exchange team work to fulfill

  • Domestic Violence Service Management's code of conduct 
  • Domestic Violence Service Management's values and principles.