Participate in Insight Exchange

There are several ways you can participate in Insight Exchange at your lead.

Do you want to participate by providing feedback or sharing your lived experiences of domestic and family violence?

  • Be a participant - People who have experienced domestic and family violence are invited to share their de-identified experiences through Insight Exchange. This page provides more information about participating.
  • The Creative Book Exchange - an invitation to participate in creating and/or contributing to a tangible (or non-digital) collection of handmade artist books. The books include entries and creative expressions of de-identified experiences of family, domestic and sexualised violence.
  • Share Feedback - We invite you to provide feedback about your experience of and engagement in Insight Exchange.
  • Feedback Shared - Read feedback shared about the about the development, evolution and refinement of Insight Exchange.

Do you want to participate by using, sharing and/or sustaining Insight Exchange?

  • Champion these ideas – We are often asked how people can support this work. We believe a significant contribution can be achieved in meaningful ways through championing the ideas of Insight Exchange. 
  • Distribution sponsors – Information on how to become a distribution sponsor of three Insight Exchange resources (Follow My Lead, My Safety Kit and My Dignity) and examples of organisations who have become distribution sponsors
  • Ideas Applied - The Insight Exchange Ideas Applied resource shares examples from across society, services and systems of the ideas applied. The resource is designed to support the exchange of insights across traditional sector boundaries.
  • Donate to make a difference - Insight Exchange has been established, developed and is governed by Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM) a registered charity (ABN 26 165 400 635). 

Make a booking or make contact

  • Bookings - Open events and opportunities. Includes archived of closed events.
  • Contact Us - Make contact with the Insight Exchange Team to ask a question, to provide feedback, to sign up for Insight Exchange Updates or to express interest in being a participant.
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