Academics are Social Responders

Are you involved in ethics committee decision making about studies that focus on domestic, family and sexualised violence?

Are you researching, teaching or writing about domestic, family and sexualised violence? Are you mentoring students and leading projects involving this focus?

Are you thinking about or undertaking a PhD focused on domestic, family and sexualised violence?

There is no fence to sit on. And academics are not outside the picture. We can all stand against violence and abuse from wherever we are in society.

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Research Study

The University of Sydney is conducting a research study on behalf of Insight Exchange (2021/22).

The research project is titled: Exploring Participants and Social Responders experiences and perceptions of Insight Exchange.

The research project (2020/667) is approved by University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

The survey and interview components of this research project have now closed. Insight Exchange looks forward to sharing the published results with you.

Contact: If you would like to know more at any stage during the study, please feel free to contact the researchers Professor Rita Shackel, Associate Professor Ghena Krayem and Dr. Leticia Funston, Chief Investigators, (University of Sydney) via email [email protected]

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