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Research, responses and responders

Research Illustration

Research Study: The University of Sydney conducted a research study on behalf of Insight Exchange (2021/22). The research project was titled: Exploring Participants and Social Responders experiences and perceptions of Insight Exchange. The research project (2020/667) was approved by University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Research period: July 2021 – Oct 2021

Insight Exchange acknowledges that the research study took place on the unceded lands of the Gadigal peoples, and we pay our respects to Gadigal Elders of this land past, present and emerging. We extend this respect to all First Nations peoples across the country and the world. This research project was made possible by the University of Sydney Law Engagement Partnership Project (LEAP) Grant. We would like to thank research team Professor Dr Rita Shackel, Associate Professor Dr Ghena Krayem from the University of Sydney Law School and Dr Leticia Funston who took a leave of absence from Insight Exchange to undertake this project.

We would like to thank all the participants and especially acknowledge the generosity of the victim-survivors who shared their insights and their recommendations to improve the work of Insight Exchange.

Journal Article (Free):

'Transformative Social Responses to Domestic, Family, and Sexualized Violence: A Qualitative Exploration of Insight Exchange, a Victim-Survivor-Centered Initiative Informed by Response-Based Practice.'

This published paper (title above) about the research can be accessed here:

Our response - July 2023

Our response document briefly summarises what research participants said was valuable about Insight Exchange. The document also describes and responds to quality improvement recommendations.

Academics are Social Responders

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Are you involved in ethics committee decision making about studies that focus on domestic, family and sexualised violence?

Are you researching, teaching or writing about domestic, family and sexualised violence? Are you mentoring students and leading projects involving this focus?

Are you thinking about or undertaking a PhD focused on domestic, family and sexualised violence?

There is no fence to sit on. And academics are not outside the picture. We can all stand against violence and abuse from wherever we are in society.

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