Share and sustain the Insight Exchange

We invite you to share and respond to the work of Insight Exchange.

You can share Insight Exchange in many ways. By sharing Insight Exchange resources in your work/context this may support efforts to challenge stereotypes and change responses that are unhelpful or harmful to people seeking support.

Explore 8 ideas for sharing Insight Exchange

  1. Link your website to Insight Exchange resources (pages/PDFs/Vimeo channel)
  2. Embed Insight Exchange animations on your website
  3. Post Insight Exchange resources via social media
  4. Induction: New onboarding employees (across sectors/industries)
  5. Ongoing professional development: Employees and Board members
  6. Induction: New tertiary students (across schools/institutes/studies)
  7. Ongoing Learning: Tertiary student learning extension (under & post-graduate)
  8. Pre-requisite to attending a training session or course module

For all of the above please adhere to the guidance on Using Insight Exchange 


Share responses to Insight Exchange insights and resources

Learning from and with you helps us to improve what we are developing and how we share resources. It also helps us understand their value (if any) and what, if anything, you have changed in your thinking and actions as a result.

We invite you to share feedback about your experience of and engagement in Insight Exchange. 

For example:

  • Share feedback about specific resources via ([email protected]) or specific response surveys
  • Share messages to participants who have share their lived experience via ([email protected])
  • Share messages to donors who have made this possible via ([email protected])
  • Share how you have applied the ideas in your community, workplace or business via ([email protected])
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