Share and sustain the Insight Exchange

Thank you for thinking about championing this work. Your offer can make an important difference. We believe a significant contribution can be achieved in meaningful ways through championing the ideas of Insight Exchange.  Start where you are with any one of these 4 opportunities:

1. Share Insight Exchange resources

Where can you share the ideas and resources across digital communities? Who in your work and networks might benefit from knowing about Insight Exchange resources? For example; Individuals, Organisations, Institutions, Influencers may be interested in the Futures Framework, or the Foundations and Foundations Applied, or single self-contained animations, to build on their understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

By sharing Insight Exchange resources in your work/context this may support efforts to challenge stereotypes an change responses that are unhelpful or harmful to people seeking support.

2. Share the lived experienced insights published on Insight Exchange

Who in your world and work might benefit from reflecting on Insights from lived experience? 

Ideas for Action: Send links to the Voices of Insight Collection or individual narratives to support the reflections of your community, workplace or business. 

3. Share feedback about Insight Exchange resources and how you have used or experienced them

Learning from and with you helps us to improve what we are developing and how we share resources. It also helps us understand their value (if any) and what, if anything, you have changed in your thinking and actions as a result.

We invite you to share feedback about your experience of and engagement in Insight Exchange.  For example: Share feedback about specific resources, messages to participants who have share their lived experience, messages to donors who have made this possible, How you have applied the ideas in your community, workplace or business.

4. Build interest and commitment to donate funds to sustain the work of Insight Exchange

Insight Exchange gives voice and visibility to lived experiences of domestic and family violence; to human dignity, the injustice of preventable suffering, harm, grief and loss, and foregrounds the role of society, services and systems to redress violence.

Gaps in understanding, systemic design, policy, provision and practice across the response continuum are used by perpetrators of violence to extend their use of abuse and this further compounds the suffering, loss, injury, injustice and indignity of victims of violence.

We continue to seek and welcome financial support to make the Insight Exchange ideas, resources and supports available across every community, sector and system without cost or access barriers.

Donors can donate here.

Your donation will support:

People with lived experiences of violence to:

  • Have the opportunity to have a voice and share their experience of violence in a safe ethical way that affirms their agency and upholds their dignity
  • Have a role in informing positive social change
  • Support others through sharing their own experiences
  • Have the potential benefit from making sense of their own experiences.

Domestic Violence Service Management is registered as a charity (ABN: 26-165-400-635) with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Eligible tax-deductible donations have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office. Donations over $2 are tax deductible, a receipt will be emailed to you.[/expand]

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