About Insight Exchange

Insight Exchange centres on the expertise of people with lived experiences of violence and gives voice to these experiences. It is designed to inform and strengthen social, service and systemic responses to Domestic and Family Violence.

INSIGHT: The Insight component invites people with lived experiences of Domestic and Family Violence to share their experience through a safe and ethical process that affirms agency and upholds dignity.

EXCHANGE: The Exchange component shares a person’s insights in a de-identified way with individuals, communities and organisations. More accurate insights can better inform our awareness, responsibility, and how we all respond to Domestic and Family Violence.

Insight Exchange has been designed by Sightlines Professional Services Division of Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM), in collaboration with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from Centre for Response-Based Practice Canada.

Read the Insight Exchange Engagement Report to find out more about our reach.

Why Insight Exchange is important

Currently people with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence have a range of mechanisms through which to share their experience. Each of these are important however each have limitations in that they do not seek out, explore and give voice to peoples resistance and responses to violence. In addition many of the current mechanisms for sharing lived experience of abuse have no specific link to social change initiatives that inform prevention and improved social, service and system responses.

About Us

Insight Exchange is an initiative of the Sightlines Professional Services team of Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM) dvnswsm.org.au, a registered charity, which aims to prevent and to provide support for people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence (DFV), homelessness and other safety and wellbeing needs. Our work contributes to and relies on a broader social and systemic commitment to be more aware of, informed about, and active in preventing and reducing violence.

To find out more about participating in Insight Exchange visit the Participate page.