Responses and Feedback

Share your responses and feedback

We invite you to share responses and feedback about your experience of and engagement in Insight Exchange. 

Use the Contact Us page or the [email protected] to share with us your responses

  1. Share your response/s to and feedback about being a participant
  2. Share your response/s to the Arts Lab
  3. Share messages to participants who have share their lived experience insights
  4. Share your response/s to booklets
  5. Share your response/s to animations and modules
  6. Share messages to donors who have made this possible
  7. Share how you have applied the ideas and/or used the insights and materials in your community, workplace or business 
  8. Share your responses to our research project

Responses to being a participant

Participants are invited to give feedback at the completion of each step in the interview process to shape their participation experience. Each participant is invited at the close of participation to complete a de-identified survey about their overall participation experience. This feedback informs how and where we refine the participation opportunity and practice.

The de-identified comments from participants inform internal governance reporting, and may be included as examples in invitations to participate and in the Insight Exchange Engagement Report.

Responses to the Arts Lab

Share your responses to and feedback about the Arts Lab collections & Creative Book Exchange.

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Dear Participants

Have you engaged with Insight Exchange and want to add to the collection of messages to participants who shared their lived experience?

Specific Booklets

To share your responses to and feedback about Follow My Lead, My Safety Kit, My Dignity - My Body is Mine please use the following survey links:

Read (below) the feedback reports collated as part of the development of these resources.

Animations and Modules:

Share your responses to and/or feedback about any of our animations or modules. Please use the specific survey link (if provided) or the contact us page for all others.


Dear Donors

Have you engaged with Insight Exchange and want to add to the collection of messages to donors who support Insight Exchange?

Ideas Applied - Engagement Report

Explore engagement with and application of the ideas by browsing our latest Engagement Report. Have you engaged with Insight Exchange initiatives and or resources in some way and want to share with us your responses and feedback?


Journal Article (Free):

Explore the published (free) journal article about our research study.

'Transformative Social Responses to Domestic, Family, and Sexualized Violence: A Qualitative Exploration of Insight Exchange, a Victim-Survivor-Centered Initiative Informed by Response-Based Practice.'

This published paper (title above) about the research can be accessed here:

Our response - July 2023

Our response document briefly summarises what research participants said was valuable about Insight Exchange. The document also describes and responds to quality improvement recommendations.

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