Client and Customer Responses

Client and Customer Responses

[Consumers, Patients, Collaborators]

We encourage organisations and institutions to understand the importance of client and customer responses in the context of a strategic holistic response to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

The prevalence of domestic, family and sexualised violence is such that no business can assume it does not have victims and perpetrators among its customer or client base.

Many organisations offer products and services that can be manipulated or weaponised by perpetrators for their own benefit and/or to the detriment of their partner/former partner or family member. Organisations can decide to do things differently.

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  1. Reflect on the Futures Framework
  2. Follow the Leadership Roadmap 
  3. Implement the Support Menu (Customer/Client Responses)


View the Insight Exchange Foundations (45 mins video) & Foundations Applied (40mins video).

The Insight Exchange Reflections Kit collates the resources featured in the Foundations and Foundations Applied. 

Customer/Client Responses - Resources

Support My Economic Safety  - A guide for organisations thinking about how to address economic abuse

Insight Exchange and Centre for Women’s Economic Safety have collaborated to develop a new resource for responding organisations focused on economic safety.

View the launch video featuring the Hon. Mark Speakman MP, NSW Attorney General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence; Suzanne Evans, CFO First Sentier Investors (and board member DVSM); Dom Thurbon, Partner EY Community Impact Practice and Human Rights advocate, Rabia Siddique. 

Support My Economic Safety provides guidance and reflections for people in organisations and systems who want to improve responses to economic abuse. It has been developed from the insights of women who have experienced economic abuse in the context of domestic and family violence and includes their words as ‘case studies’ throughout. Lived experiences of economic abuse have significant and ongoing consequences, negatively impacting all domains of wellbeing.

The lived experience insights included in this resource demonstrate the significant potential for better responses, and improved design of products, services and systems to support the economic safety of victim-survivors.

Follow My Lead is an awareness raising resource about domestic and family violence for responders.

Follow My Lead is an Insight Exchange resource featured in the Guide: Support My Economic Safety.

Watch the short animation based on Follow My Lead (4mins)

Other Customer/Client Resources

Short Guides: Responding to domestic and family violence during and beyond COVID-19

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