The following events and opportunities are featured in strategies led by Insight Exchange. This page is for booking. If you have questions about the event (or events you don't see listed) please contact the Insight Exchange team using the contact us page.

Open Opportunities

Team Booking | Virtual Session | Module with Q&A re Strangulation

To support team responses, the foundational module (Strangulation) is being shared in a 90min virtual session. This time-limited opportunity is being donated to support the understanding of responders. Teams can make use of this opportunity and these resources to talk together about building on social, service and system responses to strangulation.

Explore more on the In Focus: Strangulation landing page.

Bookings within 2024 are now open
If you have a specific date and time in mind please specify your preference.

  • Date/Time 
  • Session is 90mins.
  • Start times need to be from the earliest 9am and starting no later than 2pm.
  • Bookings are Mon - Thurs only

**Our capacity to provide sessions is subject to other commitments. We will do our best to meet your first preference but we may need to explore alternative options if your preference is not possible. Either way, we will contact you to confirm or to arrange an alternative date/time.

If you have a question about a booking please contact the Insight Exchange team on ([email protected])

While Insight Exchange fully supports lifelong learning via Continuous Professional Development (CPD), we don’t provide individual evidence of attendance.

Archived Opportunities

Our closed events/initiatives are listed below in chronological order. Where the session was recorded, based on a produced digital video, or involved a produced output, a link to the content is provided.



  • Clubs Industry - Network (Nov 2022 - June 2023). Read more about our support to uplift responses in the Clubs Industry.
  • Future Leaders Program FY22/23 – 6 sessions. Read more about the Future Leaders program on p44 of the FY22/23 Engagement Report.
  • Employee Assistance Programs - Foundations Masterclasses & Reflective Practice Series. Read more about Workplace Responses.






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