Strategy and Engagement

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Strategic Framework and Engagement Reporting

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Strategic Framework | 2021 - 2024 

This Insight Exchange Strategic Framework sets the vision, purpose, scope, inputs, outputs, outcomes and accountabilities for the Insight Exchange work.

"I feel like in a small way… we are enabling a deeper difference." (Donor 2022)

The work of Insight Exchange maps into the DVSM Constitution.

*The first edition of the Strategic Framework was published in Jan 2021 for the period of 2021-2022. The Strategic Framework has been updated to the end of 2024.

Read the Strategic Framework (2021-2024)

Engagement Report Illustration

Engagement Report | Since inception

Insight Exchange is an evolving body of lived and learned insights, materials and responses. Each year we document in a 12month Engagement Report (July to June) a snapshot of the intentions, activities, engagement and responses that have been part of the year in focus. The Engagement Report is collated and published to share the development and evolution of Insight Exchange with all readers  - participants, responders, donors, Associates, collaborators, supporters, individual contributors and communities. The Engagement Report is not representative of all that has happened or of all that holds value in any year. We may never fully know or be able to represent in words what the initiative means to people.

Read the Engagement Report (end FY22/23)

Questions about and responses to Insight Exchange are always welcome across the year. You can reach the Insight Exchange team through the contact us page.

Sharing responses and feedback

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