Strategy and Engagement

Strategy and Engagement

Questions and feedback about our work are always welcome across the year. You can reach the Insight Exchange team through the contact us page.

Strategic Framework | 2021 - 2024 

This Insight Exchange Strategic Framework sets the vision, purpose, scope, inputs, outputs, outcomes and accountabilities for the Insight Exchange work.

"I feel like in a small way… we are enabling a deeper difference." (Donor 2022)

The work of Insight Exchange maps into the DVSM Constitution.

*The first edition of the Strategic Framework was published in Jan 2021 for the period of 2021-2022. Insight Exchange has been funded until the end of June 2024, and the Strategic Framework has been updated to reflect this extended period.

Read the Strategic Framework (2021-2024)

Engagement Report | Since inception

The Engagement Report reflects how participants in the Insight component have engaged from across Australia in sharing their lived experience insights. The Engagement Report also reflects how responders in the Exchange component have engaged from across the ecosystem (including universal services through to statutory services), all of which have a significant part to play in responses to domestic and family violence.

Insight Exchange has reported on the engagement of participants and responders each year to share the development and evolution of Insight Exchange with all stakeholders (participants, responders, donors, Associates, collaborators and supporters, individual contributors and communities).

Read the Engagement Report (end FY22/23)


Our communication and engagement with stakeholders

Our approach to communication and engagement is critical to the integrity of Insight Exchange.

Below are some of the ways we communicate and engage with stakeholders about the development, evolution and refinement of Insight Exchange. 

Feedback about participating in Insight Exchange interviews

Participants are invited to give feedback at the completion of each step in the interview process to shape their participation experience. Each participant is invited at the close of participation to complete a de-identified survey about their overall participation experience. This feedback informs how and where we refine the participation opportunity and practice. The de-identified comments from participants inform internal governance reporting, and may be included as examples in invitations to participate and in the Insight Exchange Engagement Report.

Engagement in building Insight Exchange resources

When new Insight Exchange resources are being scoped and developed we work with collaborators and stakeholders in the content development. People with lived experience of domestic and family violence in their childhood and/or adulthood are invited to shape the work, along with people who may be working as responders (formally and informally) across the ecosystem, as well as other specialist subject matter experts where context is specific.

The feedback collected is made available on Insight Exchange in a de-identified feedback report at the time of releasing the first edition of the related publication. See feedback shared.

Feedback about published Insight Exchange resources

We welcome ongoing feedback to continuously improve the published editions. We have made feedback channels available through the contact us page.

Channels for anonymous feedback about specific resources are set up in online survey formats and remain open and reviewed by the team to inform improvements. Read more on our share feedback page.

Other anecdotal feedback

Occasionally individuals share their experience of reading or using Insight Exchange ideas and resources. With consent we use the feedback quotes to introduce or represent examples of people's experiences in using Insight Exchange. This is important because the value of an idea or resource may be different in emphasis than our original aspiration. Sharing these insights can enrich the way the work is used and applied.

Insight Exchange Ideas Applied

Insight Exchange is an evolving body of work and includes a diverse community of learners. We have developed a resource Insight Exchange Ideas Applied to collate and share examples of the ideas applied. Examples are from across society, services and systems to support the exchange of insights across traditional sector boundaries.

Insight Exchange Ideas Applied is updated every 6 months and available to any reader.  Responding communities, services and systems can express interest in contributing to the next edition.

Read more about who has shared their examples and how to make a submission on the Insight Exchange Ideas Applied page.

Insight Exchange Updates

When new initiatives start or new content is published, an update is published on the Insight Exchange Updates page for any reader. 

News of the new update is circulated to individuals who are on the Insight Exchange stakeholder directory. The directory consists of people who have engaged in Insight Exchange events and initiatives and provided consent to keep in touch. Other members of the directory have signed up via the contact us page or reaching out to the team directly.

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