In focus – Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

“The right of workers to be free from sexual harassment is a human right, a workplace right and a safety right.” (Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner)

What we understand about sexual harassment informs what we think, what we notice, what we ask about, and what we do and don’t do. So, building on our understanding is important for informing any social, cultural or systemic change.  We invite you to build on your understanding and responses through these free (donated) options below. Please follow the guidance on Using Insight Exchange.

Read the information and reflection resource: Follow My Lead - Workplace Sexual Harassment.

A person subjected to sexual harassment (whether silent or making an informal or formal report) needs us as responding colleagues and/or managers, to understand and be informed by lived-experience insights of workplace sexual harassment.

Use the digital poster (with static QR code) to share the reflection resource Follow My Lead - Workplace Sexual Harassment with all employees.

Module Part A: View the Insight Exchange module (Part A 50mins) | Understanding of and responses to workplace sexual harassment.

Module Part B: View the Insight Exchange module (Part B 40mins) | Understanding of and responses to workplace sexual harassment.

References: References used in the module are listed in the References List

The Australian Human Rights Commission website hosts a range of information, guidance and resources on sexual harassment -

Embed: Apply to embed modules (Part A & B) into your intranet/eLearning platform

Explore the invitation in PDF format or read the invitation information below.

Book a free (donated) virtual session for your team to view the two digital modules + Q&A with the Insight Exchange team. 

Structure: Team session details: (3hrs)

  • (1hr): 50mins View Part A together online + 10mins Q&A
  • (1hr): Take a break/walk to reflect on the content
  • (1hr): 40mins View Part B together + 20mins Q&A

About the Q&A:

  • The Q&A is designed to involve any team members in any roles to respond to the module and to ask questions.
  • The Q&A is to create conversations not a forum to provide commercial or legal advice/guidance.
  • The Q&A is facilitated by Insight Exchange Associate Dr Skye Charry and fellow panellist Luke Addinsall.

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  • Thu 14th Dec 10am – 1pm

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My Dignity - My Body is mine is an information and reflection resource about sexualised violence.

This resource is for any person who may be experiencing, or has experienced, sexualised violence, and for anyone who may be responding.

Wherever it is difficult to tell someone about domestic and family violence, it may be even more difficult to tell someone about sexualised violence. The intent of My Dignity is to provide information, support reflection, share lived experience insight from others, and signpost to contacts and supports.

National, state and territory definitions of violence and criminal codes vary, however violence and abuse is never acceptable in any community, family, institution, place or context.

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