Using Insight Exchange

Using Insight Exchange 

Thankyou for your commitment to preserve the integrity of this work.

Free (donated) permissions list (provided that the source is clearly and properly acknowledged):

  • All materials can be viewed and shared.
  • All booklets, guides and kits can be viewed and downloaded.
  • All animations and modules can be viewed, shared, and embedded.

See details below about using and sharing Insight Exchange, as well has how to apply for donated print work, use of the Voices of Insight Collection (Mobile Gallery) and use of digital artworks.

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Copyright and acknowledgement

Copyright, acknowledgement and disclaimers apply to all materials.  At no point is permission granted for the materials to be commercialised into items or content for sale/profit in any form, nor any access fee applied (including training fees).

Open the guidance about Using Insight Exchange (Page 1 Our support across the ecosystem & Permissions List & Page 2 Engagement with media and social media)

  • Original Arts Lab photomedia works created by collaborating artist Louise Whelan.
  • Original ink illustrations by Guy Downes.
  • Original animations developed with Guy Downes & Reilly Baker.

Share Insight Exchange

Insight Exchange is designed and donated to share with any reader/viewer in any community. Any role. Any Industry. Every person matters and every response matters.

On the share Insight Exchange page you can explore ideas about ways you can start sharing and using Insight Exchange to inform and uplift understanding and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence. 

Print Work

On the print page you can read about our donation of printed landing cards and view the designs. 

Learn about how to order donated landing cards

Our use of QR Codes

Insight Exchange uses static QR Codes to support quick access to our website and resources.

  • We always describe what the QR code opens.
  • We use only static QR Codes without third party data collection.
  • Every page on the Insight Exchange website has a quick-exit button.
  • We do not use QR Codes to other websites (excluding CWES for co-produced material).

Apply to exhibit the Voices of Insight Collection in Australia

Insight Exchange has a donated Voices of Insight Collection available to loan (terms and conditions for use apply) in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD. 

Examples of where the Voices of Insight Collection has been exhibited are listed in the the Engagement Report .

To loan the exhibition please contact us via the Contact Us page.

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