Using Insight Exchange

Using Insight Exchange 

Open the guidance about Using Insight Exchange:

Using Insight Exchange (English) or  Usando Insight Exchange (Español)

The guidance has 4 pages: 

Open the Citations List - Booklets, Guides, Reports, Animations, Modules, Videos

Thankyou for your commitment to preserve the integrity of this work.

Apply to embed modules & apply to use artworks

Apply to embed modules into your intranet/eLearning platform

Apply to use specific original artworks on Insight Exchange


Explore the digital posters and cards (with static QR codes)

Print booklets 

Apply to obtain print ready masters of booklets to use with your preferred print supplier, or make a print order via Corporate Ink (Code: ORDER). Costs for print work are paid for by the organisation making the order, and payments are made directly to the print supplier. Guidance for using Insight Exchange applies to all print work. 

Distribution Sponsor

Apply to become a distribution sponsor of specific Insight Exchange booklets.

While Insight Exchange fully supports lifelong learning via Continuous Professional Development (CPD), we don’t provide individual evidence of attendance.

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