Individually and collectively, we can listen to and be led by victim-survivors’ insights and experiences of violence and abuse.

In the 'exploring' menu you can view and read animations and resources informed by lived experience insights. The resources are listed below.

  • Follow My Lead - is an awareness-raising resource for any person who at some point may be listening to and responding to their friends, family members, colleagues, peers or to the people who use their service, who are experiencing DFV
  • My Safety Kit - a reflection resource designed to support people who are, or may be, experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • My Support Options - menu designed to share examples of what victim-survivors of domestic, family and sexualised violence have wished for and/or asked for from their workplace.  
  • My Dignity - an information and reflection resource about sexualised violence.
  • Talk - a reflection resource is designed to reveal and value the strategic considerations of victim-survivors when deciding if, when and how to tell someone about experiences of violence and abuse.
  • Fear - As responders we can better understand victim-survivors many reasons to fear, when we explore what victim-survivors are having to do, not do, give up and go without to be able to survive and lead their lives.
  • My Economic Safety - information and insights about economic abuse 
  • Strangulation - The perpetration of strangulation is a serious problem globally. So, how can we improve our understanding of and responses to strangulation?
  • Sexual Harassment - “The right of workers to be free from sexual harassment is a human right, a workplace right and a safety right.” (Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner) Explore resources about understanding and responding to workplace sexual harassment.
  • Selecting a counsellor - a guide designed to support your selection of a counsellor and to support your reflections about the value and safety of the counselling experience.
  • Children - Children matter. Explore 'An imperfect letter'.
  • Dad - your choice - Unpaid child support hurts children and limits living. Children don’t have the safety or means to contest unpaid child support debt. Their experiences of poverty are real and lasting. Day to day. Year on year. Unpaid child support is preventable poverty.
  • Being Safety is a reflection resource written for, with and by mothers who are (or have been) parenting while subjected to violence and abuse by a co-parenting father. 
  • I am I can - invites reflection about the use of violence (in any form) being a ‘choice’. We can each choose non-violence in all relationships. 
  • In the 'listening' menu you can explore the lived experience insights.
  • In the 'responding' menu you can view and read about resources and initiatives designed to uplift responses across the ecosystem.
  • In the 'learning' menu you can view and read resources designed to build on understanding of violence and abuse. 
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