Any Responder Module Illustration


Any Responder Module Illustration

We invite you to view, share and embed the free (donated) Insight Exchange modules.

  • Introductory Modules - Any responder and in focus industries
  • Foundations Modules - Foundations and Foundations Applied
  • In Focus Modules - Strangulation, Economic Abuse, Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Introductory Modules

Every response matters, and therefore the understanding of every industry matters. The 5 introductory modules (Any responder, clubs industry, fitness industry, hotel industry and security industry) are designed to build on understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence. Each module is 50 minutes and contains lived experience insights, data, concepts, animations and introduction to resources you can take forward (at no cost) into your industry. From the suite below choose which is best for you to view individually and/or as a team. All modules use the same content with the difference being nuanced lived-experience insights.

View the Introductory Module: Any Responder (50mins) (includes Auslan)

Every industry matters. And all of us have a part to play.

All of us are friends and family to people in our lives and we can be more prepared to respond if someone shares with us they need our support.

View the Introductory Module: Clubs Industry (50mins) (includes Auslan).

Clubs are a connection point for many individuals and communities across Australia. The 2015 National Clubs Census estimated there are over 6,000 clubs in Australia, and more than 13m members, and 300m+ visits annually, with 172,000 staff across the nation.

View the Introductory Module: Fitness Industry (50mins) (includes Auslan).

According to (RunRepeat’s analysis 2021) there are roughly 3,715 gyms, 4 million members and over 30,000 trainers in Australia. 15.3% of Australians are members of a gym.

View the Introductory Module: Hotel Industry (50mins) (includes Auslan).

The Accommodation Association represents over 3,500 businesses contributing $13 billion to the Australian economy. There are 113,500 people employed in the accommodation industry,

View the Introductory Module: Security Industry (50mins) (includes Auslan)

The security industry in 2022 has over 6,889 businesses contributing $11 billion to the Australian economy. With 153,000 licensed security professionals the security industry is significantly larger than both the Australian police force and defence forces.

Introductory Module Content

  • Who is responsible for responding?
  • What is domestic and family violence?
  • Who experiences domestic and family violence?
  • How can I understand more about peoples lived experiences?
  • How can every workplace and team member be ready to respond?
  • How can every workplace and team member support (not pressure) victim-survivors?
  • What about sexualised violence?
  • Who ‘should’ victim-survivors talk to?
  • What can your team and workplace do about people who use domestic and family violence?
  • How can your workplace and team use Insight Exchange to inform its responses?

Share your de-identified responses with us about the introductory module including a message to people with lived experience who shared their insights into the module.

Foundations and Foundations Applied

What we understand about domestic, family and sexualised violence informs how we respond: It influences how we design and communicate products, services and systems.

The Foundations and Foundations Applied videos are part of the Insight Exchange Futures Framework designed to build on your understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence.  

Explore on the Foundations page where you can read about the

  1. content summary
  2. review comments.

In Focus Modules


View, share, embed the module Building understanding of and responses to strangulation. (60mins)

Explore more on the strangulation page.

An introduction to Economic Abuse

View, share, embed the module 'Introduction to Economic Abuse (23mins) This video is for anyone who wants to learn about financial and economic abuse as a form of domestic and family violence. A co-production of the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety and Insight Exchange.

Explore more on the My economic safety page

Workplace Sexual Harassment

View, share, embed the module 'Understanding of and responses to workplace sexual harassment'. (Part A 50mins) |

View, share, embed the module 'Understanding of and responses to workplace sexual harassment'. (Part B 40mins)

Explore more on the sexual harassment page.

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