Foundations and Foundations Applied

Foundations and Foundations Applied

The following videos are part of the Insight Exchange Futures Framework and is designed to build on your understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence. The Foundations and Foundations Applied videos can be viewed by individuals on the Insight Exchange platform.

We ask that you follow and adhere to the guidance on Using Insight Exchange. The Foundations and Foundations Applied videos can be viewed by individuals on the Insight Exchange platform. For permission to use these videos in your eLearning platform please contact the Insight Exchange Team via the Contact Us page. Thankyou for respecting and protecting the integrity of this material.

FOUNDATIONS (45mins) (includes Auslan sign language).


  • What is domestic, family and sexualised violence? 
  • How prevalent is domestic, family and sexualised violence?
  • The use of violence and abuse is social, interactional and takes place in a broader context

Six key Foundational Ideas

  • Meaning | Dignity | Deliberation | Resistance to Violence | Responses | Language

FOUNDATIONS APPLIED (40mins) (includes Auslan sign language).

Lived experience examples and insights

Responses and Resources

  • A. Patterns of support seeking in relation to domestic and family violence.
  • B. Every response matters. Every time. Any role.
  • C. Being safe is no simple or single decision or task.
  • D. The use of control, abuse and violence is a choice.

Who benefits? Who decides?

This Reflections Kit is designed to support individuals, teams, leaders and organisations who are engaging with Insight Exchange to inform their responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

The Reflections Kit is a resource collating an outline of the Insight Exchange resources featured in the Futures Framework suite and Foundations and Foundations Applied videos.

REVIEWS (2021) of the Foundations and Foundations Applied:

  • “It was great - thank you. The content was digestible and the videos / resources were really useful.” | Social Policy & Legal
  • “The videos offered knowledge and topics in a clear and concise pack. Hearing the voices of survivors and use these as messages to highlight resistance” | Community Sector - Family Worker
  • “Very informative and had great impact” | Drug & Alcohol Treatment
  • “Very good in-depth explanations.” | Health
  • “A wealth of resources, well informed and well delivered.” | Mental Health
  • "Deeply moving. Very helpful. Centralises the voices and experiences of victim/survivors in ways that are humanising. Will use these resources in my work." | Primary violence prevention
  • "Very helpful and easy to understand language and visuals for both professionals and lay people. | Not for Profit community organisation that supports families and youth with counselling and case management." | DFV & Alcohol and Other Drug
  • "Wonderful. Looking forward to exploring more in-depth." | Community services, AOD & Mental Health, counsellor and psychotherapist
  • "Beyond Brilliant. I have had other access to Insight Exchange presentations but this one more of an impression on me than the others. I would ideally like to see it again to pick up on bits that I missed." | Therapeutic casework with Aboriginal families
  • "Useful and easy to understand" | Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • "There were some really helpful resources/videos" | Domestic Violence sector
  • "Were accessible and affirmative of victim survivors." | MBCP therapeutic caseworker
  • "Great use of stats as facts.  Lived experience steps to the forefront." | DFV - Men's Behaviour Change & Case Management
  • "Really immediately useful and practical. I found the shift to highlighting and mapping resistance like a breath of fresh air.  Really accessible framework." | Community sector - violence prevention
  • "Great resource and I will look further into using these in my practice of working with victims and perpetrators." | Counselling and MBCP
  • "I found the clips to be very informative, cant wait to share with my colleagues." | Community Services
  • "Eye opening to the way violence is portrayed and how abusers are in control and not just acting on the spur of their emotions."  | Multicultural settlement service specialising in the DFV sector
  • "Eye opening insights and spotlight on control and various forms of resistance." | Community Services
  • "It’s crucial that the presentation is provided to the perpetrators, not just services/people working with survivors or victims of DFV." | State government, responsible for managing contracts with NGOs supporting vulnerable people and communities

The participants said they wish the following sectors, industries, systems of professions accessed the Foundations and Foundations Applied resource: 

  • Education Institutes - schools/universities
  • Sport's club & Social clubs
  • ADF, mining sector, large factories, construction & transport
  • Settlement services, migrant resource centres
  • Centrelink
  • Ambulance, Emergency Services, Hospitals 
  • AOD sector
  • Mental Health workers - counsellors/couples therapists & mental health teams
  • Domestic and Family Violence Services
  • Police & Domestic Violence Liaison Officers (DVLOs)
  • Courts 
  • Lawyers
  • Child & Youth protection
  • Parole/Justice services/prisons
  • Any sector, Every profession, Every workplace. 
  • All across Australia wide would benefit from this training and resource.
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