My Safety Kit

My Safety Kit

A reflection resource designed to support people who are, or may be, experiencing domestic and family violence.

An introduction to My Safety Kit for people reflecting on their relationships (2.4mins)

An introduction to the My Safety Kit to the decision-making tool (3.5 mins)

My Safety Kit

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My Safety Kit Aotearoa

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My Safety Kit speaks in the voice of the reader who may be reflecting on their own relationships and (possible) experiences of domestic and family violence. It includes reflection questions about your safety and wellbeing, information about what domestic violence and abuse can look like, a decision-making tool, and contact details for services across states and territories that may be able to support you in your next steps.

Who is this resource for? My Safety Kit is for any person who at some point may be reflecting on their own relationships and experiences of domestic and family violence. The resource may also have benefits for people who are supporting friends and family who are (or might be) experiencing domestic and family violence, and people who are responding.

Lived experience insights

These de-identified lived experience insights of domestic and family violence, explore what a person is having to do, or not do, to stay safe and well in the context of their relationship.

Their experiences, insights and reflections, are mapped against questions and focus areas explored in the insight Exchange My Safety Kit resource, including across the six domains of wellbeing: Participation, Material basics/Economic wellbeing, Physical and mental health, Learning, Love and connection, and Safety.

Sam - Lived experience insights

Alex - Lived experience insights

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Read the feedback summary report that informed My Safety Kit.

We welcome continued feedback in order to improve future editions.

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Are you wanting to know more as a responding organisation?

Are you wanting to know more as a responder?

Explore Follow My Lead to know more about responding to someone who may be experiencing domestic and family violence.

View the My Safety Kit animation | An introduction for responders (2.5mins) 

What is Domestic and Family Violence?

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