An interactional focus

An interactional focus

View the short 3min animation:

Violence is social and interactional

"A key to understanding interpersonal violence is to appreciate that it is social and interactional.

Responses from others always matter.

And we are all in this picture."

Read the booklet TALK

Purpose: This reflection resource is designed to reveal and value the strategic considerations of victim-survivors when deciding if, when and how to tell someone about experiences of violence and abuse.

Read the booklet FEAR

Purpose: As responders we can better understand victim-survivors many reasons to fear, when we explore what victim-survivors are having to do, not do, give up and go without to be able to survive and lead their lives.

View/read more about 'What is domestic and family violence?'

View the short Insight Exchange animation ‘What is DFV?’ (4mins)

Read more in the PDFs below (English and Spanish).

What is domestic and family violence? (English)

¿Qué es la violencia interpersonal y familiar?  (Español)

The animation and PDFs are hosted on the landing page What is domestic and family violence?

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