Guide | Using Insight Exchange 

Who are these ideas and resources for?

These ideas and resources are designed with you in mind. You might be experiencing, or have experienced violence or other adversities, or responding to people who are experiencing or using violence, or thinking about how your response, now or in the future, can be more informed.

Can I use the resources on Insight Exchange in my organisation, institute, community?

Yes. Our hope is that these ideas and resources are shared and applied broadly and deeply across contexts.

Do these ideas and resources have copyright and reproduction constraints?

All materials hosted on Insight Exchange include copyright, disclaimer and reproduction statement where relevant. We apply copyright across all Insight Exchange materials to acknowledge and protect the generous contributions of authors. We ask that if using any of the Insight Exchange resources in your context, that you respectfully and consistently include the relevant attribution and disclaimer. At no point is permission granted for the materials to be commercialised into items or content for sale/profit in any form.

To use Arts Lab Collection images permission must be sought from Insight Exchange – Apply here

Do these ideas and resource cost money to use?

Insight Exchange has borne the cost to bring the ideas, resources and platform into place so that any community can access these ideas without cost barriers, and so that individuals can privately access these ideas without having to first access a service or person if they are not safe enough or not wanting to do so.

Can I use an Insight Exchange PDF, Video or Animation on my website?

Insight Exchange has been designed to hold the Insight and Exchange components together. The ‘Insight’ from lived experience and the ‘Exchange’ component that builds our shared social responsibility and informs social action across the ecosystem. To best preserve and honour the work undertaken to build and sustain Insight Exchange, please note our preferences around the use of Insight Exchange Videos and PDFs:

PDFs: Please link directly to the PDF hosted on Insight Exchange. This will enable your organisation, and users of your site, to benefit from the best version available. Doing so will also preserve the web analytics of Insight Exchange which are used to inform the generous contributors of lived experience insight so that they are aware of how broadly and deeply there contributions are reaching others. 

VIDEOS: Please link directly to the videos on Insight Exchange here. This takes users toward the full set and full concept.

ANIMATIONS: Please embed the animation. Go to the animation and select the 'share' icon and toggle the arrow to the right to obtain the embed code.

Insight Exchange has been established, developed and is governed by Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM) a registered charity (ABN 26 165 400 635).

Launched in November 2017, Insight Exchange was designed by Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM), in collaboration with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from Centre for Response-Based Practice Canada.

Insight Exchange has been sustained through the generous humble donations of individuals and a silent donor for the benefit of many.

Thanks for your commitment to preserve the integrity of this work.

Playing Insight Exchange Animations or Videos

The animations, along with a collection of videos are hosted on Insight Exchange Vimeo channel (with captions).

Q. Can I use these animations in my community or place of work?

A. Yes – read the adjacent guide about using Insight Exchange.

Q. Can I play these animations or videos as the host or participant in a meeting on MS Teams or Zoom?

A. Yes – read Guide for playing video in Teams, and Guide for playing video in Zoom

Tip: Save these two images to your phone so that you can easily refer to the guide live.

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