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This page hosts short and long form videos from events we have hosted to support understanding of and responses to domestic and family violence. These videos are listed with links below on this page feature either Dr Linda Coates and/or Dr Allan Wade from the Centre for Response-Based Practice, Canada.

In addition to the short and long form videos you can also explore Insight Exchange animations and modules.

Videos | Short Form (Creating Conversations Event Content 2017-2018 featuring Dr Coates & Dr Wade)

Our Social Response – November 2017

Participants  |  Feedback 

Resistance, Response and Evidence – July 2018

Participants  |  Feedback  

Resistance, Safety and Language – August 2018

Participants  |  Feedback 

Videos | Long Form (Masterclasses 2018 - 2019 featuring Dr Coates and/or Dr Wade)

The Language Lab – Launched November 2018

Masterclass Series - March 2019

Read the feedback of participants attending the following Masterclasses

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