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The insight-informed ideas and resources in our Reflections Kit are designed to support you in building on your understanding of domestic and family violence and to support you in making insight-informed decisions. The materials can be used any time, in part or as a whole in your context. They can be used in the short term or over a longer period of time to match the priorities in your context.





There is no cost to using the Reflections Kit. We ask that you follow the guidance on Using Insight Exchange.

Who is this for?

The Reflections Kit may be useful in guiding and supporting Diversity and Inclusion Leaders, People Managers, Team Leaders, Executive Managers and people who are leading or exploring materials and insights to shape the next steps in your organisation, institution, community responses to domestic and family violence.
We recommend you open rather than download the Reflections Kit to ensure you are always accessing the latest copy.

What did people say about the prototype?

Workplace (National) Feedback

"I like that you can take a small slice of the kit and focus on one area for a campaign".

"The statements in each area are great and something I would like to look at including on our intranet as part of refreshing the information".

"Super excited about this. I am still considering different channels to make the work as effective as possible, but in general the resource provides heaps of opportunities for starting a conversation and layering it up on the go. This is definitely a framework that I am keen to use in November. Helpful when it comes to framing, language, sensitive areas etc".

"The participant page, that is new information for me and something I would be happy to share in our workplace through our contact officer networks an intranet pages. I know we have a number of colleagues with lived experience of domestic and family violence that may be drawn to sharing their insights".

EAP (National) Feedback

"It is beautifully written with the same respectful, inclusive and embracing tone of your other materials. I can see great value in this, particularly for us to share with our customers. A key obstacle in the FDV field is people not knowing where to start, and feeling intimidated by the subject, so the provision of language and guidelines is a critical starting point".

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