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Future Leaders

We see in the Insight Exchange animation ‘Seeing Possibilities’ (6mins) that every sector is a possible door to information and support for victim-survivors of domestic, sexualised and family violence.  But what if sectors, industries and leaders are underinformed, and not being prepared early through their studies and professional experiences and networks?

Today's tertiary students will become tomorrow’s leaders.

If we really want to transform how we understand and evolve the ‘system’ of responses we have to change and support who is part of it, and how early on tomorrow's leaders are invited and supported to be involved.

Read below about the Future Leaders Insight Exchange Program. This program has been donated by Insight Exchange and has no cost barriers, 

Program: An opportunity for tertiary students as next generation future leaders

In FY22/23 Insight Exchange is opening an opportunity for future leaders i.e. tertiary students at colleges, academies and universities.

As future leaders you will influence the understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence and abuse within and from organisations, institutions, business, services and systems of our future.

Whatever your study and intended career path, understanding  domestic, family and sexualised violence informs what we design and how we communicate.  Join the program to become an insight-informed student, future colleague and leader in the field you are entering.

This program is about creating a supported space for shared learning between some of today's leaders and emerging future leaders about what is possible in addressing domestic, family and sexualised violence. Together in the sessions we want to exchange insights and talk across the traditional divides between industries, institutions and generations.

Intended outcomes 

  1. Understand the importance of ecosystem responses and explore ideas around where your field of studies fits into addressing violence and abuse.
  2. Understand more about DFSV including lived-experience insights and lived-expertise, and the importance of meaning, dignity, social responses, deliberation, resistance and responses to violence and abuse, and why language matters
  3. Build clarity in how to provide helpful and supportive responses to victim-survivors and identify/challenge complicit, harmful and unhelpful responses.
  4. Meet and exchange insights with leaders and subject matter experts who are forging change in today's systems.
  5. Develop connections with peer tertiary students across locations, fields and intuitions.

Participant selection

The program includes up to 10 participants. Ideally we would like to engage participants from:

  • a diversity location from urban, regional and remote rural areas across ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  • a representation of participation from a mix of TAFE, Academies and University settings
  • a diversity in studies for example - Economics, Hospitality, Safety & Management, Psychology, Human Resources, Forensic Medical, Mediation, Human, Rights, Law, Police, Mining, Sports, Construction or other
  • a diversity in ability, gender, culture and experience

Program Sessions

  • 6 virtual sessions (over 12months) on a Tuesday 5:30pm – 8:30pm (Dates: 26/7/22, 27/9/22, 29/11/22, 24/01/23, 28/3/23, 30/5/23).
  • You will have the opportunity to hear from and talk with the Insight Exchange Team, Associates and guest speakers including built in Q&A within the sessions.
  • You will be posted (to a shipping address of your choice) a donated boxset of printed Insight Exchange resources worth $100 for ongoing reference and use in the program. These materials may also support your studies and career.
  • You will have ongoing access to Insight Exchange resources as part of the participation.


About the six sessions

Each session will involve the following focused content:

  1. Futures Framework
  2. Foundations
  3. Social Responses
  4. Lived expertise
  5. Fear, disclosure and dignity
  6. Language and evidence

There will be time for interactive discussion and reflection as a group. The content in each session will build on previous sessions.  Participants are asked to attend a minimum of 5 of the 6 sessions.

Submit an expression of interest to be a participant in the Future Leaders Program

Complete the Expression of Interest Form. Closing date: 6th June 2022

The EOI form is one page and includes essential background information and your reasons for applying to the program. Selection will be based on the merit of the application and will be based on achieving a diverse cohort across the areas listed above. 

  • Participants can engage in the program in identifiable or de-identified ways for example using only the 'first name and studies', or 'pseudonym and studies' in our public facing description of course participants.
  • No participants are asked or encouraged to engage media as part of their participation.
  • Participants are not asked or expected to disclose lived experience. However lived-expertise is welcomed and lived experience shared by others is central throughout the program and discussions.
  • The program is not a nationally accredited program, instead it is about creating a supported space for shared learning.  
  • Participation in the program is independent to your studies and does not accrue course work points.
  • Participation in the program is not pathway to job seeker applications or to employment into Insight Exchange.

There will be no additional tasks set between sessions beyond reflection about the materials discussed in the last session.

One of our greatest challenges is to see Insight Exchange materials shared more broadly to people who may not know these insights and resource are freely available to them. In FY22/23 the participants in the Future Leaders program will be invited to digitally share specific Insight Exchange materials between sessions. Where the evidence of sharing and reach can be provided by the participant, Insight Exchange will fund $1per person reached (up to a maximum of $200) and payment will be made in voucher format. This is an optional part of the program and not a requirement for participation.

We may not be able to accommodate all applicants, however we are really keen to support tertiary students who want to improve their understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence. If the volume of applications exceeds the participant limit we will invite declined applicants to a virtual Foundations session including Q&A with the Insight Exchange team.

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