Quality Response Continuum

Quality Response Continuum

What do we need to be thinking about when it comes to the quality of our responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence?

The quality response continuum is an Insight Exchange tool designed to support critical reflection about the quality of our responses. 

View the Quality Response Continuum animation (3.30mins)

  • View the illustrative examples in the library (below)
  • Build your own examples (see ePDF template)
  • Share your de-identified example to build the library for shared learning

Library of Quality Response Continuum examples

The examples are illustrative only for supporting the self-reflection of responders. These examples are not conclusive, exhaustive or advisory and do not provide a full context. The industries and situations listed are a sample start. Other examples can be added over time. 

Quality Response Continuum Animation GIF

Using the examples

  1. Identify situations that relate to an industry or situation where you might be a responder
  2. Click on the link to explore one or more examples
  3. Reflect on your individual and/or organisational responses in your context
    • From the examples, are there responses that resonate?
    • Discuss with colleagues/peers what you can do differently to close gaps

Build your own example/s

We see in the Insight Exchange animation ‘Seeing Possibilities’ (6mins) that every sector is a possible door to information and support for victim-survivors of domestic, family and sexualised violence.

Populate an example from your context using the blank template (ePDF).

Induction - Student

Share your examples to build the library for shared learning

We welcome your de-identified contributions to build on the exchange of insights. You are welcome to contact the Insight Exchange team for support to refine your example.

Share your example with Insight Exchange (without identifying names/organisations) to build on this library send to [[email protected]]

Become more informed as a responder

So, who benefits from the status quo? and who decides to keep things the same? We can all stand against violence and abuse from wherever we are in society. View the Insight Exchange animation ‘Who Benefits? Who Decides?’ (4mins).

Explore the Insight Exchange Foundations and Foundations Applied to build on your community, workplace and organisational understanding of domestic, family and sexualised violence,

Follow My Lead: Refine your readiness to respond through Follow My Lead. Watch the short animation based on Follow My Lead (4mins).

I am I can: Refine your understanding about how the use of violence and abuse is a choice. Watch the short animation I am I can (4mins)

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