Creating Conversations

Creating Conversations is an event series designed to bring people together with the understanding that DFV is a ‘shared social issue’. Featuring Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from the Centre for Response Based Practice, the series supports individuals, communities and organisations in the service system and wider ecosystem, to understand violence and to reflect on how to respond in ways that uphold dignity and build on safety.

We all have a role, we all have a part, whether we want to take it up consciously or not.

Dr Allan Wade, Centre for Response-Based Practice

Creating Conversations events are designed to:

  • Provide an opportunity for people and organisations that wouldn’t normally intersect or come together.
  • Create the conditions for conversations that enable sharing and learning about each other’s challenges, contexts and contributions.
  • Discover the possibilities for individual, organisational and collective responses and pathways for progress.

Previous Creating Conversations Events

Our Social Response

“Social Responses are the most potent preventative powerful force” (Dr Coates)
Link to videos  |  Participants  |  Feedback  |  Creating Conversation Kit

Resistance, Response and Evidence

“If we get better at addressing violence we get better at almost everything. Because it is at the bottom of so many diverse forms of suffering” (Dr Wade)
Link to videos  |  Participants  |  Feedback  |  Creating Conversation Kit

Resistance, Safety and Language

“In the most abject and horrible circumstance – how is it that people retain dignity, and preserve dignity and the dignity of one another.” (Dr Wade)
Link to videos  |  Participants  |  Feedback  |  Creating Conversation Kit

Language and Violence (Language Lab)

“The problem of violence is inextricably linked to the problem of representation.” (Dr Coates & Dr Wade)
Link to the Language Lab for the Video | Participants | Feedback | Resource Kit | Tool for Social Responders | Tool for People with Lived Experience of Violence

Masterclass with Seventh Day Adventist Church South Pacific Division (AdSAFE and Disciple Ministries Team) – AdSAFE and SDA Video (75 mins) | Participants & Participant Feedback

Masterclass NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) - NSW Health ECAV Video Part 1 (98 mins)| NSW Health ECAV Video Part 2 (54 mins) | Participants & Participant Feedback

Lecture with University of Sydney Faculty of Law StudentsLaw Students Video (86 mins)

Masterclass with Workplaces and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)Participants & Participant Feedback

Masterclass on Re-purposing the Cycle of Violence Participants & Participant Feedback

Masterclass with Practice Exchange Participants - Participants & Participant Feedback

Conversations series with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade.

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