The Exchange component of Insight Exchange shares a person’s insights in a de-identified way with individuals, communities and organisations. More accurate insights can better inform our awareness, responsibility, and how we all respond to Domestic and Family Violence.

The Exchange component is also an opportunity to bring together people and organisations that wouldn’t normally intersect to enable access to ideas, evidence, reflections and resources that build awareness about violence and inform social responsibility and social action.

‘Exchange initiatives’ are created as opportunities for sharing and learning about each other’s challenges, contexts and contributions.

There are several Exchange initiatives:

Creating Conversations is an event series designed to bring people together with the understanding that violence is a ‘shared social issue’.

Language Lab– provides a set of resources to inform more accurate representations of violence through language.

Practice Exchange– provides participating organisations a supported opportunity to review and develop their practice in responding to Domestic and Family Violence and related forms of adversity.  Practice Exchange explores these responses at a granular real-world real-work level from the perspective of response-based practice.

Understanding Financial Abuse– is a project designed to improve our understanding of financial abuse and enable individuals, communities, organisations and businesses to improve their responses to it.

Workplace responses - This initiative involves workplaces and employee assistance programs (EAPs) committed to improving their awareness of, and responses to, domestic and family violence.  A Workplace Kit is available for workplaces and EAPs considering their responses.

Follow My Lead– was an initiative which resulted in the publication Follow My Lead. The project was designed to build understanding of lived experience, outlining what being ‘safe to talk to’ means, and how significant responses are.

Exchange Resources:

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