In focus – Hotel Industry

In focus - Hotel Industry

The Accommodation Association represents over 3,500 businesses contributing $13 billion to the Australian economy. There are 113,500 people employed in the accommodation industry,

The Hotel Industry has a significant role to play in responding to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

What we understand about domestic, family and sexualised violence informs how we respond; it influences how we design products, services and systems. It influences how we communicate about those products, services and systems.

Seeing possibilities: Imagine the difference it would make for victims-survivors if all workplaces, businesses, family, friends and specialist and statutory services were informed and ready to respond? View/share/embed the Insight Exchange animation ‘Seeing Possibilities’ (6mins)

The readiness and quality of Hotel Industry responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence matters. Every provider. Any place.

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Making a meaningful difference

Hotels can make a meaningful difference through their workplace responses and customer/client responses supporting thousands of employees and community members who may need access to information and to support. Informed by lived-experience insights, hotels can strategically refine and evolve how they contribute to a more cohesive ecosystem response.

Explore more in our Futures Framework.

A foundational understanding is essential

View the Introductory Module: Hotel Industry (50mins). Complete the short application to embed.

Explore six foundational ideas in Foundations (45mins)

Explore the ideas applied into resources in Foundations Applied (40mins)

Posters - Make information and reflection resources available to people who may be thinking about their relationships and possibly not be talking to anyone.

Poster: Financial Abuse and My Safety Kit

Poster: My Dignity - My body is mine

Poster: I am I can

In focus: Strangulation

The perpetration of strangulation is a serious problem globally. So, how can we improve our understanding of and responses to strangulation?

View the short animation (5mins) about the dangers of strangulation.

This animation includes content about violence and abuse. The end of animation refers to two reflection resources: My Safety Kit and My Dignity

This module includes content about violence and abuse. The end of animation refers to two reflection resources: My Safety Kit and My Dignity

Explore more on the In focus: Strangulation page to apply to:

  • Book a free (donated) virtual session for a team. Session includes Q&A with Danielle Allen (opportunity closes end June 2023)
  • Complete a short application to embed the module in your elearning platform (Guidance on using Insight Exchange is explained in the application) 
  • Explore the Arts Lab Collection and Additional Resources list

Explore examples of Insight Exchange resources

What do we need to be thinking about when it comes to the quality of our responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence?

The quality response continuum is an Insight Exchange tool designed to support critical reflection about the quality of our responses. 

The Quality Response Continuum animation (3.30mins) reveals there is 'no fence to sit on'. Explore more and a library of examples.

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