Information and reflection support for people who are experiencing domestic, family and sexualised violence, and for responders

Through Insight Exchange I have the opportunity to share my lived experience of domestic and family violence in an accurate way through a safe, ethical and supported process.

Insight Exchange shares my lived experience, highlighting my responses and resistance to violence and where ‘social responses’ were helpful, unhelpful or harmful.

What is in the Insight Menu?

  • Follow My Lead - is an awareness-raising resource for any person who at some point may be listening to and responding to their friends, family members, colleagues, peers or to the people who use their service, who are experiencing DFV
  • My Safety Kit - a reflection resource designed to support people who are, or may be, experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • My Support Options - menu designed to share examples of what victim-survivors of domestic, family and sexualised violence have wished for and/or asked for from their workplace.  
  • My Dignity - an information and reflection resource about sexualised violence.
  • My Economic Safety - information and insights about economic abuse 
  • Selecting a counsellor - a guide designed to support your selection of a counsellor and to support your reflections about the value and safety of the counselling experience.
  • Children - Children matter. Explore 'An imperfect letter'.
  • Voices of Resistance - a project that documented four women’s resistance and responses to the violence they experienced
  • Voices of Insight - de-identified narratives of people’s lived experience of domestic and family violence highlighting the ways in which a person has resisted and responded to the violence used against them.
  • Voices of Experience - written insights and reflections from people with lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities
  • Voices Unsilenced - insights and efforts of people with lived experience who are informing social and systemic change
  • Arts Lab Collection - a series of original artworks inspired by the Insight Exchange Voices of Insight narratives. 
  • I am I can - invites reflection about the use of violence (in any form) being a ‘choice’.

Are you looking for help, support or information about responding to domestic and family violence?

The Exchange component of Insight Exchange provides domestic and family violence information and support to people who are responding (formally and informally) in any community, service or system.

Are you looking for resources that support your understanding of and responses to domestic and family violence?

Insight Exchange resources - including public events, publications, animations and videos - are designed to be free for anyone to ensure cost is no barrier to access.

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