The Insight component of Insight Exchange invites people with lived experiences of Domestic and Family Violence and other adversities to share their experience through a safe and ethical process that affirms agency and upholds dignity.

The insights are grouped into projects or initiatives:

Follow My Lead is an awareness-raising resource for any person who at some point may be listening to and responding to their friends, family members, colleagues, peers or to the people who use their service, who are experiencing DFV.  The resource may also have benefits for people who are: thinking about their own relationships and experience of DFV, seeking support about their own lived (or live) experience of DFV, and/or working as a service responder to people experiencing DFV.

Voices of Resistance a project that documented four women’s resistance and responses to the violence they experienced. The project participants supported the development and prototyping of the interview process for Insight Exchange through the sharing of their resistance and responses to violence. The result of the prototyping phase is an interview process with clear protocols and steps that provides a structure for an interview that affirms agency, is safe, ethical and upholds a person’s dignity.

Voices of Insightare de-identified narratives of people’s lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities. The narratives have been developed through the Insight Exchange interview process designed to affirm agency, uphold dignity and support safety.

Voices of Reflectionare written insights and reflections from people with lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities. The participants are the authors of the written insight, and in some pieces, the Insight Exchange team have inserted content from the Follow My Lead resource as headings to help orientate the reader and to build understanding of the lived experience of violence.

Insight Resources:
Follow my Lead
My Check Tool
Guide to Selecting a Counsellor

What have participants engaging in the Insight component said about their experience of participation?

Thanks.. just doing that interview and reading it now has really changed my perception again. I’m not sure where or how, but I feel different and in a good moving on way.

Participant 2019