Practice Exchange

Violence is most accurately understood when it is examined in context.

Dr Allan Wade, Centre for Response Based Practice

PRACTICE EXCHANGE is as a safe and supported setting for organisations to review and develop their practice in responding to Domestic and Family Violence and related forms of adversity.  Practice Exchange explores these responses at a granular real-world real-work level – on the level of practice.  All documents used in the process are de-identified and explored as hypotheticals.

The purpose of Practice Exchange is to support participating organisations to develop their practice with the support of the DVSM Sightlines Team and the practice expertise of Dr Allan Wade.  Practice Exchange provides a supported opportunity to review real-world scenarios, interview transcripts, case management notes, practice guidelines and policy frameworks from the perspective of response-based practice, hosted on Insight Exchange.

Practice Exchange will be relevant for people who are responding directly and indirectly to people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence and related forms of violence.

The Opportunity:

DVSM Sightlines Team (Australia) and Centre for Response-Based Practice (Canada) have collaborated to provide a Practice Exchange opportunity for four organisations in Australia in 2019. Commencing with a two-day masterclass in March 2019 and continuing through monthly two hour sessions over the six months that follow (April – Sep 2019 inclusive).

Expression of Interest for Practice Exchange closed 23rd January 2019. If you are interested in knowing more about this initiative please contact us.

More Information:

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