Voices of Insight

Voices of Insight are de-identified narratives of people’s lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities. The narratives have been developed through the Insight Exchange interview process designed to affirm agency, uphold dignity and support safety.

These narratives aim to provide a more accurate account of what has occurred through highlighting the ways in which a person has resisted and responded to the violence used against them. They explore the context in which the violence has occurred and how people, services and systems responded to victims of violence and how these responses were helpful, unhelpful or harmful


  • Maya “He’s bound to be upset”
  • Melissa His biggest threat was “I will take the children”
  • Sandra  “You’ve got to realise you have duties here”
  • Rose  I feel like there’s an agenda behind everything he does.
  • Sophie  I didn’t know what financial abuse was.
  • Sally  “You’re ok… He never hit you”

Acknowledgement and thanks

Domestic Violence Service Management would like to thank each person with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence who has generously shared their insights for the benefit of others.

We acknowledge that no matter how accurate the representation of someone’s experiences of violence and adversity, we can never fully understand all that the experiences mean to a person now or through their life.  We understand that no one’s life experience can ever be fully represented in language or any other form.