Distribution sponsors and printing booklets

  • Electronic distribution of Insight Exchange resources can be immediate and unlimited.
  • At times it may be most useful for your organisation/institute/community to introduce or distribute Insight Exchange resources with your logo on it as a distribution sponsor (at no cost) to take the resource through to your teams and networks.
  • You may wish to undertake a print run (at your own expense) of the standard version or your distribution sponsor version.

Insight Exchange artwork is to be used in accordance with the guidance of Insight Exchange which can be found at https://www.insightexchange.net/guide-using/

Booklets for Distribution Sponsorship and/or Commercial Print Run

What does it mean to be a Distribution Sponsor?

You can become a distribution sponsor (at no cost) to add your organisations (or a consortium of organisations)  logo to the back cover.

We will provide you with a print ready file and we will host an eCopy on Insight Exchange.

The content, design and words in the Insight Exchange resources are preserved and must remain unchanged.

Insight Exchange materials cannot be used for commercial purposes or sold.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions in the application form.

Is there a print supplier I can use?

If you don't have have a preferred print supplier: For your ease, you can make an order via Corporate Ink who has a dedicated Insight Exchange artwork order page: www.corporateink.com.au/order (Code: ORDER).

Print orders through Corporate Ink for the Insight Exchange stock displayed below have been pre-approved by Insight Exchange. All artwork and intellectual content remains the property of Insight Exchange.

Commercial Printer Instructions

File: Provide to printer Print Ready Version (supplied to you by Insight Exchange with bleed to edge margins and best resolution)

Print Quality Specifications:

  • Booklet | Finished size: 190x190mm (Design Bleed to edge)
  • Colour: CMYK + seal varnish
  • Stock: Cover on 300gsm Silk with Matt cello Outer only, Text on 150gsm Silk
  • Finish: Scored, folded and collate, Saddle stitch  (Follow My Lead, Follow My Lead Aotearoa, My Safety Kit, My Safety Kit Aotearoa, Reflections Kit) My Dignity is perfect bound due to page count.

Browse the list of Distribution Sponsors

Follow My Lead Aotearoa NZ - Cover Border

Follow My Lead Aotearoa

My Safety Kit Aotearoa -Cover

My Safety Kit Aotearoa

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