Eligibility and Selection | Commitment, Readiness and Preparation required

Eligibility and Selection

  • Participation in Practice Exchange is open to any organisation in the ecosystem committed to improving practice responses to violence.
  • Demonstrated attendance at an Insight Exchange related event e.g. Creating Conversations Event, Masterclass Event, Feedback on Follow My Lead.

Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form for your organisation for selection to participate. Note the EOI requires named roles (not named individuals) of 8 (min) – 12 (max) participants who would be in the program. Participants are involved in the full set of Practice Exchange sessions, not rotated.

Commitment, Readiness and Preparation required

As individual participants:

1. All participants explore the full suite of ideas and resources on Insight Exchange and document their reflections in a one-two page paper due before the masterclass session in March (due date and details to be provided).

2. All participants must attend minimum the two day masterclass and five of the six sessions or cancellation costs will be charged to the participating organisation.

3. All participants document reflections (de-identified) about practice to retain and demonstrate meaning shared and meaning built through the opportunity.

As a team of participants:

4. The participating organisation has a named coordinator and contact point within the participant group.

5. Any readings/papers required for review in readiness for each monthly session are submitted (de-identified and in commercial confidence) five business days in advance of the next session through the required process.

6. The group documents reflections (de-identified) about the process of reflecting to retain and demonstrate meaning shared and meaning built through the opportunity.

As a participating organisation:

7. Participating organisations commit to a one-two page summary of organisational learning and insight from the experience of participation and agree to this document being publicly accessible within the Insight Exchange platform for the benefit of others.

8. Participating organisations agree on and assemble (with the practice support of Dr Allan Wade) a version A and version B contextual scenario (de-identified) that demonstrates changes that have been or could be changed within the way the participating organisation practices. These scenarios are donated to Insight Exchange to build a collection of practice examples which will be produced and hosted into varied formats to inform reflective practice more broadly.

More Information:

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Expression of Interest (EOI) form for your organisation | Online Form

Practice Exchange EOI application – PDF copy

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