Practice Exchange

Practice Exchange is designed to be a supportive initiative for organisations to reflect on and develop their practice in responding to domestic and family violence and related forms of adversity.

Practice Exchange (PX) explores these responses at a granular real-world real-work level – on the level of practice. PX provides a supported opportunity to review real-world scenarios, interview transcripts, case management notes, practice guidelines and policy frameworks from the perspective of response-based practice.

Practice Exchange has been designed, coordinated and documented by the Insight Exchange Team. The masterclass sessions were delivered by Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from the Centre for Response Based Practice, Canada. Dr Allan Wade has been the lead content expert in the monthly sessions.

Practice Exchange 2019 has been donated by Insight Exchange to the participating organisations for the benefit of the people and communities they support and for the broader community of learners who may draw from these learnings to improve responses to people experiencing violence and other adversities.

“...for me it has been about going back to basics. Framing that resistance to violence and clearly naming it. It’s the ingenuity and intelligence of the resistance to violence and abuse. I have been using survival language a lot, but I am shifting to resistance language as survival is instinctive, but resistance is agentive, tactful and skilful. I particularly like this as I think its important as often women and children don’t see themselves as skilful and we can highlight their skilfulness in our listening and responses. The subtleties of the very smallest things are of such importance. Looking ahead I am trying to impart that to colleagues…”

Practice Exchange Participant 2019


Read the Practice Exchange 2019 Portfolio to learn more from each team about their insights, efforts and developments in their practice. The PX Portfolio includes practice scenarios from each team to show the ideas of response-based practice applied.

The 2019 Practice Exchange Teams are based in NSW Australia and self-selected to participate in the initiative. The services/organisations include:

  • Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Service
  • Rosie’s Place
  • South East Sydney Local Health District
  • Women’s Health NSW
  • Penrith Women’s Health Centre

Read the  Insight Exchange Ideas Applied to learn about how Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Service have continued to develop their practice. 

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