Workplace responses to domestic and family violence

Workplace Responses Presentation

There are many great resources available to support workplaces as responders to domestic and family violence. This presentation is designed to complement good work already available or in place. It is designed to support you with something for you to consider and take on from today, without delays and without cost barriers.

The workplace responses presentation is in a video format (24mins) and is in two parts:

  • Part One (10mins) is designed to build on understanding of domestic and family violence.
  • Part Two (14mins) is about supporting access to insights and resources that can inform your responses as individuals, teams and as an organisation.

The presentation explores the resources listed on this page.

 Using the Workplace Responses video in your workplace

Q. Can I use this Workplace Responses video in my community or place of work?

A. Yes – read about using Insight Exchange.

Q. Can I play Workplace Responses video as the host or participant in a meeting on MS Teams or Zoom?

A. Yes – read Guide for playing video in Teams, and Guide for playing video in Zoom. Tip: Save these two images to your phone so that you can easily refer to the guide live.

If you are sharing the presentation with colleagues, the workplace responses follow up flyer provides quick links and a summary of ideas/opportunities to take forward.hidden content


Workplace Resources

Short Guides

Responding to domestic and family violence during and beyond COVID-19:

Workplace Kit

Understanding and responding to employees experiencing domestic and family violence.

Insights Paper: Experiences and perceptions of workplace responses to domestic and family violence

Follow My Lead - An awareness raising resource for any person who may be listening to and responding to a person experiencing DFV

My Safety Kit - A reflection resource for people who are (or may be) experiencing domestic and family violence.

The Workplace Kit was launched on 19th February 2020 with 46 individuals attending from 27 different organisations. Read the feedback comments from attendees at the launch.

About the network of workplaces and EAPs

The network of workplaces and employee assistance programs (EAPs) was an informal, national network facilitated by Insight Exchange, through 2019/20. Participating organisations shared a commitment to improving awareness of and responses to domestic and family violence in Australia.

Participants in the network were interested in exploring the following challenges in responding to domestic and family violence (DFV):

  • Understanding scope and duty of care of organisations; what role does the workplace and EAP play in responding to an individual experiencing DFV? What role could/should each of these play?
  • Improving how organisations and EAPs support, not just what is offered in support of, people experiencing DFV.
  • First-responder support - identifying and providing support for workplace managers and EAP practitioners responding to people experiencing DFV.
  • Responding to people who use violence – how do organisations and EAPs respond to and support people using violence?
  • Managing complexity including: privacy and confidentiality; understanding where organisations, and individuals within them, fit in the broader ecosystem; and negotiating EAP contracts.

Participants included: Access EAP, AGL Energy, Assure Programs, Commonwealth Bank, Converge International, CSIRO, Employee Assistance Professionals Association Australasia, QBE, PwC, Sydney Water, Tabcorp.

The Workplace Insights Paper hosts some reflection questions for workplaces and for EAPs.

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