Resources - Publications

(1) Insights from people with lived experience of domestic, family and sexualised violence

(2) Resources for people with lived experience of domestic, family and sexualised violence

A reflection resource designed to support people who are, or may be, experiencing domestic and family violence.

My Safety Kit - is a reflection resource that speaks in the voice of the reader who may be reflecting on their own relationships and (possible) experiences of domestic and family violence.

My Dignity - My body is mine - Cover

My Dignity - My body is mine - an information and reflection resource for anyone who may be or has experienced sexualised violence.

(2) Resources for responders | domestic and family violence

Resources about responses and language 

Follow My Lead image

Follow My Lead – is an awareness-raising resource for any person who at some point may be listening to and responding to someone experiencing domestic and family violence.

Follow My Lead Aotearoa speaks from the voices of people with lived experience of domestic and whānau violence who need  their friends, family and professionals to be more prepared to respond effectively. More prepared to respond in ways that uphold dignity and build on safety. 

Insights Paper Cover

Insights Paper: Experiences and perceptions of workplace responses to domestic and family violence

Language and Violence - Resource Kit Cover

Explore the role of language in representing violence and abuse through the Language and Violence Resource Kit.

Language and Violence -Tool - Checking My Practice - Cover

Language and Violence - Checking My Practice tool for responders

The Fact Pattern - Cover Image

The Fact Pattern- an example of improved accuracy and evidence.

A language analysis of an account of violence

Resources for reflection and building on understanding

Foundations Guide Based on RBP Core Tenets - Oct 2019 - first edition - Cover

Foundations Guide - core tenets of response-based practice and related ideas on Insight Exchange

Contextual Analysis Cover

Contextual Analysis Mapping the Response-Based Contextual Analysis - Centre for Response Based Practice

Responses in Context

Responses in Context Violence does not take place in a vacuum. It is not merely individual or psychological. Violence occurs socially and interactionally.

Interviewing for Social Responses - Cover

Core tenets of response-based practice and Interviewing for Social Responses Actual and possible social responses are a constant concern for victims and offenders in cases of interpersonal violence, including children.

PX Portfolio

Practice Exchange Portfolio 2019  Practice Exchange– provides participating organisations a supported opportunity to review and develop their practice in responding to Domestic and Family Violence and related forms of adversity.

Kits for reflection and building on understanding

“I am new to using Insight Exchange and don’t know where to start or what to share or use with others.”

The 12 month navigation map is for any user of Insight Exchange.

We understand that it can be helpful to have a clear place to start and guided a path to follow. This navigation map is for you to use for yourself and or with a small group of people you can talk and reflect with.

The map sets out 12months of content to explore. You can start any time at any point in the year.

Keep up image

Creating Conversation Kit  Creating Conversations– is an event series designed to bring people together with the understanding that violence is a ‘shared social issue’.

Read more about the Insight Exchange Reflections Kit designed to support you in building on your understanding of domestic and family violence and to support you in making insight-informed decisions. The materials can be used any time, in part or as a whole in your context. They can be used in the short term or over a longer period of time to match the priorities in your context.

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