Ideas Applied

Insight Exchange Ideas Applied

Explore how responding communities, services and systems have used Insight Exchange resources to build insight & enable exchange.

What is the purpose of this resource?

Insight Exchange is an evolving body of work and community of learners. We have developed this resource Insight Exchange Ideas Applied to collate and share examples of the ideas applied showcasing examples from across society, services and systems.

These examples are not conclusive or exhaustive. Each edition shares point in time insights which may evolve and develop in new directions with new learning.

Examples contributed end June 2020

National Workplace Example | CSIRO 

National Employee Assistance Program Example | Converge International 

NSW Health Example | Northern Sydney Local Health District 

Specialist Service Metropolitan Sydney Example | Penrith Women's Health Centre

Examples contributed end Dec 2020

Specialist Service Coastal NSW Example | Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Service

Have you been using Insight Exchange ideas and resources in your context?

Do you want to share with others how you have applied the ideas and resources?

Read the guide for contributing which includes the link for completing your submission. 

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