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Donated Landing Cards

Insight Exchange landing cards are designed to share discreet access to the insights and materials.

The landing cards are small business card size cards and have a static QR code (on side B) for quick access to the Insight Exchange website and resources (See sample photo).

In FY24/25 every month we are donating print stock of landing cards to share with organisations and communities across the ecosystem.

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  • Donated print stock is limited - we will prioritise donations to applicants who are using one or more of the ideas about ways to share Insight Exchange.
  • Guidance for Using Insight Exchange applies to all print work.
  • Designs: View the designs below by clicking on an image to open the lightbox. All static QR codes (side B) take the person to the booklet, animation or landing page in focus.
  • Shipping: Shipping is worldwide and delivery is direct to the address supplied in the order form. Please allow 3 weeks from the date your order is confirmed.
  • Order: Complete the order form (see button below)


We don't donate printed booklets. We do donate the print-ready file for the Reflections Kit (A5 portrait 76pp including cover) for your commercial scale and commercial supplier print run. 

The Reflections Kit is designed to build on understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence. It is a free (donated) resource for any individuals, teams, communities, organisations and institutions. The Reflections Kit introduces the purpose of and link to some of the materials featured in the Insight Exchange library.

Contact us to request the print-ready file for the Reflections Kit for a print run with your preferred print supplier. Costs for print work are paid for by the organisation making the order, and payments are made directly to the print supplier.

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