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Keep attuned with what’s been shared in the Creating Conversations events. 

Domestic and Family Violence is prevalent throughout society. Every postcode and every community.

Domestic and Family Violence ‘is a shared social issue’ “… We all have a role, we all have a part. Whether we want to take it up consciously or not.” Dr Allan Wade

‘Creating Conversations’ events are based on the belief that;

  • Society holds the answers as well as the problem.
  • People experiencing Domestic and Family Violence may not engage with the service system, however all rely on many parts of society and the wider ecosystem. 
  • Every individual, group, organisation and community has the potential to play an important role in creating change within our society.

‘Creating Conversations’ events are designed to;

  • Provide an opportunity for people and organisations that wouldn’t ordinarily intersect or come together.
  • Create the conditions for conversations that enable sharing and learning about each other’s contexts, challenges and contributions.
  • Discover the possibilities for individual, organisational and collective responses and pathways for progress.

Do you want to participate in, contribute to or host a conversation?  Please use the Keep in Touch page to connect.

Creating Conversations events

Our Social Response – November 2017
Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade
Link to videos  |  Participants Feedback  |  Creating Conversation Kit

Resistance, Response and Evidence – July 2018
Dr Allan Wade
Link to videos  |  Participants  |  Feedback  |  Creating Conversation Kit

Resistance, Safety and Language – August 2018
Dr Allan Wade
Link to videos  |  Participants  |  Feedback  |  Creating Conversation Kit

Masterclass events

Language and Violence – November 2018
Dr Linda Coates
Link to the Language Lab for the Video | Participants | Feedback | Resource Kit | Tool for Social Responders | Tool for People with Lived Experience of Violence


Practice Exchange – 2019
Dr Allan Wade
Link to the expression of interest form