Collaborators and Supporters

Founding Collaborators

Launched in November 2017, Insight Exchange was designed by Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM), in collaboration with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from Centre for Response-Based Practice Canada.

Collaborators and Supporters

Louise Whelan

Collaborating Artist





In September 2020 we commenced collaboration with award winning artist Louise Whelan.

Louise is a visual artist with photo-media base. Her multidisciplinary approach spans photo-media, projection, video art, public, installation and curation. Much of her practice draws inspiration from environmental and humanitarian issues, and her interest in the aesthetics of memory.

Louise is widely published and exhibited. She photographs for the state libraries of NSW, WA and the National Library of Australia. Louise has more than 30 national and international awards to her name.

Louise complements her photographic works with the State Library of NSW in the oral history discipline. The UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee has collected some of her oral histories as a documentary heritage to the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Register.

Explore Louise Whelan's original works in the Insight Exchange Arts Lab Collection

Explore Louise Whelan's Portfolio at

Kaylene Edson (In-kind Support)

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, CSIRO


Kaylene Edson (In-kind Support)

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, CSIRO

CSIRO has donated in-kind hours, through Kaylene Edson, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Consultant, to take the Insight Exchange Workplace Kit (Insights Paper, Follow My Lead and My Safety Kit) to small, medium and large workplaces across Australia. One supportive conversation at a time. Through, Kaylene CSIRO has been engaging with and applying Insight Exchange ideas and initiatives into the workplace. This practical application of the ideas is what Kaylene is able to share with others as an illustrative example of what is possible within workplaces.

Kaylene’s involvement has included attendance at the 2019 Insight Exchange Workplace/EAP Masterclass, involvement in the Insight Exchange led Workplace and EAP network, and other Insight Exchange initiatives to support CSIRO’s application of the ideas, and to support other workplaces in thinking about what else and what more they can do as responders. Through the in-kind support, Kaylene can share firsthand workplace experience of the value of Insight Exchange materials.

Other forms of donation and/or in-kind support

Insight Exchange would not be what it is today without the engagement, support and expertise of others. The work is enriched by all who participate, as well as Associate colleagues, collaborators, in-kind supporters, individual contributors, and donors. The industry specialists and suppliers we work with also make meaningful contributions through their skilled expertise and in various forms of donation to the work. The Insight Exchange team would like to thank:

  • the team at Salt and Fuessel for their generous initiative to reach out to us and provide dedicated assistance (as a form of donation) in digital SEO support.
  • animator Guy Downes for extending the rights in perpetuity (as a form of donation) for work developed in the Follow My Lead and My Safety Kit animations.
  • the team at RMK for reducing their commercial rates (as a form of donation) to assist in producing the voice overs for the Follow My Lead and My Safety Kit animations.

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