Acknowledgement and thanks

The work and influence of Insight Exchange has been enriched through the support of individual contributors (listed below) including former employees of Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM), Associates of the former Sightlines team, volunteers, allies and friends in the work.

Our thanks extend also to the deidentified individuals who have contributed through sharing their lived experiences of domestic and family violence for the benefit of many.

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Individual Contributors 

Arely Carrion

Arely is a lived experience advocate and influencer in improving workplace responses to people experiencing domestic and family violence. Arely works in an executive role in the NSW clubs industry and champions the continuous improvement of workplace responses to employees and customers who are experiencing domestic and family violence. Arely has supported DVSM’s work as a guest speaker and champion of Insight Exchange resources.

Basim AlAnsari

Basim has broad, diverse and multidisciplinary experience with formal training and education taking him from Management, Science, History and Philosophy of Science to Bioethics, Medicine, International Public Health and Health Policy. Basim is a community leader, interpreter and academic. Basim has contributed to DVSM's work as a Sightlines Associate.

Barbara Cooper

Barbara is a Gestalt trained psychotherapist registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation. She is also a meditation teacher and has trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with the Mindfulness Training Institute. Barbara has supported DVSM's work as a shadow Insight Exchange interviewer.

Geoff Hazell

Geoff is experienced in designing, delivering and evaluating Human Rights, advocacy and leadership programs with specific experience in youth, Indigenous peoples rights, migrant worker rights and the impact on human rights of corporations. Geoff has contributed to DVSM’s work as an employee in the Sightlines team and was directly involved in the design and development of Insight Exchange and Insight Exchange interviewing process.

Ian Johnsen

Ian is a family therapist and registered psychologist who is passionate about working for individuals and communities in a manner that promotes dignity and acknowledges human agency. Ian has contributed to DVSM's work as a Sightlines Associate and also supported in a probono capacity.

James McDougall

James has extensive experience in policy development; management and governance; and building community partnerships. James is also one of Australia’s leading child rights advocates. He has held senior policy development and advocacy roles in Australia and has worked in Australia, China and the Asia Pacific, and currently works in the Institute of Child Protection Studies. James has contributed to DVSM's work as a Sightlines Associate and probono advisory support.

Janet Chapman

Janet is a business analyst working in the UK corporate sector and in a voluntary capacity developing social impact initiatives in London’s refugee community. In her former life she worked as an award-winning creative director and designer. Janet has contributed to DVSM's work through probono design services.

Jennifer Sloane

Jennifer Sloane is a PhD student studying cognitive psychology at UNSW and has provided skilled volunteering hours in project analysis.

Morag MacSween

Morag is an experienced executive with senior management experience in Government, the NGO sector and public service oversight, in Australia & the UK. Morag now works as a consultant and independent practitioner, offering change management and leadership development project design and management, writing and editing and individual and group clinical supervision and brain-based coaching. Morag has contributed to DVSM's work as a Sightlines Associate.

Naomi Abbott

Naomi is the founder and director of Conscious Presence, providing Leadership Presence Coaching and Conversational Intelligence® Consulting – Communication Coaching. Naomi has supported DVSM's work through probono coaching and advisory support for DVSM leaders and managers and as a champion of the work through her networks.

Nicole Endacott

Nicole has worked extensively in the area of social change, particularly in designing and facilitating leadership programs and social change projects; supporting social entrepreneurs and groups seeking to lead change in their communities; creating and holding space for conversation and action across difference; thinking and working systemically; and network and organisation building. Nicole has contributed to DVSMs work in an Associate capacity.

Rodney Vlais

Rodney is an independent consultant, policy adviser and trainer in perpetrator interventions and perpetrator intervention systems. Rodney’s work centres on an interest in contributing towards processes that shift unhelpful social responses to gender-based violence, and to be a part of working towards community accountability for those who cause gender-based harm. Rodney has contributed to DVSM’s work through probono advisory support.

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