Follow My Lead

Follow My Lead is an awareness raising resource for social and service responders.

Follow My Lead speaks from the voices of people with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) who need the professionals and their social networks to be more prepared to respond effectively. More prepared to respond in ways that uphold dignity and build on safety. 

Read the first edition of Follow My Lead by opening any of the design versions below.

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Who is this resource for?

Any person who may at some point be listening to and responding to their friends, family members, colleagues, peers or to the people who use their service, who are experiencing DFV.

The resource may also have benefits for people who are:

  • thinking about their own relationships, safety and their experience of DFV
  • seeking support about their own lived (or live) experience of DFV
  • working as a service responder to people experiencing DFV.

We have also created an accessible copy in Word.

We welcome continued feedback in order to improve future editions.

You might want to give feedback as someone who has;

  • Read this resource and want to comment, or
  • Read the resource and over time, something has changed in what you know, see or do, or
  • Experienced DFV and want to comment on what this resource means to you and any ideas you may have.

Building awareness and improving responses across contexts:

Follow My Lead is designed to be useful and applicable across society. Organisations, Institutes or communities may wish to introduce and distribute Follow My Lead in its current format, or may wish to re-brand the resource (not content) to enhance your communication with your focus population.

If you would like explore the opportunity to distribute or re-brand Follow My Lead refer to Distribution and Re-branding Opportunities to find out how.

More information about Follow My Lead including background rationale, acknowledgement and thanks.